• Telephone Banking

    Telephone Banking is quick and easy and lets you manage your money 24 hours a day.

    For your everyday banking needs you can use our fast automated service any time and when you need to speak to us we have a dedicated team of advisors available between 7am and 11pm. Between 11pm and 7am our advisors are dedicated to helping customers who need to report lost or stolen cards.

    And don’t forget our local rate 0345 numbers are part of inclusive minutes for landline and mobile phone packages.

    What you can do with Telephone Banking:

    • Check your up to date balance and recent transactions
    • Transfer money between your own and other UK bank accounts
    • Pay your bills
    • Cancel or hear details of your Direct Debits and set up standing orders
    • Order a debit card or a replacement PIN

    Register for Telephone Banking

    Call us on 03459 758 758 with your account or card details. We'll then post your 6-digit Security Number to you.

    Lines are open 24/7.

    Call us

    03459 758 758

    Queries on your everyday banking needs. We're open 24/7

    0345 835 3843 (Textphone)

    Please have the following ready when calling:

    • Account or card details
    • 6-digit Security Number (required for most accounts)

    Between 11pm and 7am our advisors will be dedicated to helping customers calling to report a lost or stolen card. For general banking queries please use our automated service or log in to Online Banking.

    Online Banking

    Online Banking is fast and secure

    Find out more about Online Banking

  • Using Telephone Banking

    For most of your everyday banking needs, our automated service is fastest.

    Not registered for Telephone Banking? You can still access the service using:

    • your date of birth (entered in a 6-digit format, so 9th April 1967 would be 090467)
    • your CVV code (the last three digits on the signature strip on the back of your card)
  • 1
    Call us anytime

    03459 758 758

    Our automated service is available 24/7

    Enter your details
    • Account or card details
    • 6-digit Security Number (required for most accounts)
    Tell us what you'd like to do

    For example, say "transfer money" and the service will help you complete your transaction.

  • When prompted, please say in simple terms what it is you'd like to do. For example:

    • "I'd like to pay a bill."
    • "I want to transfer some money."
    • "I need to let you know I'm going abroad."
    • "I want to cancel a Direct Debit."

    Alternatively you can use your phone's keypad if that's easier for you. Here are all the options you can pick from:

    ServicePhone keypad shortcut
    Recent transactions2
    Transfer money3
    Bill payments4
    Direct Debits5
    Standing orders6
    Switch to another account7
    Other self service options8
    To repeat this list#

    We know that sometimes you'll want to speak to us directly so our dedicated team are on hand to help you with more complex queries.

    To get you to the right place quicker, when prompted, please say in simple terms what is you would like to do so we can put you through to our team who can help you with:

    • setting up standing orders for the first time
    • arranging, amending or cancelling your overdraft
    • opening a new account with us
    • arranging an appointment in branch
    • and much more
  • Telephone Banking Terms and Conditions



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