• Mortgage rates and charges

    Once your mortgage is up and running, if you ask for a service that is not routinely provided for all TSB mortgage borrowers, we may make a charge. We've shown details of the charges for the most frequently requested additional services below.

    Occasionally, we make a charge for a service which is not listed below. If you request a service and there's a charge to pay, we will always notify you and tell you how much the charge will be.

    DescriptionAmountThe charge is made:
    Adding or removing someone from the mortgage£160If you ask us to consent to a change in the ownership of the property while the mortgage is in place.
    Closing administration charge *£50When you repay your mortgage.

    * This charge applies only to certain mortgages and may vary depending on your circumstances. In particular, it does not apply to mortgages entered into on or after 1 August 2007. The amount shown is the most the charge might be. If you think a charge might apply to you and want to know the exact amount, please contact us.

    Please remember that it may also be part of the agreement between us for certain mortgages that we may apply an early repayment charge if you repay all or part of the loan, or change its terms, within the first few years. Please check your loan agreement or subsequent documentation for details.

    Arrears charges

    There may be a charge if you fall behind with your mortgage payments.

    If you get behind with your payments (you go into arrears) when there is no agreement between you and us for you to pay less or miss a monthly payment, you will have to pay an arrears charge.

    If, after reasonable requests, you do not pay the amount outstanding, we may also charge you for any additional administration involved. The table below shows the most common of these charges, but on occasions there may be charges for other activities not shown here. We will always tell you when we intend to make such a charge and how much it will be. There may also be additional legal costs which you would have to pay and which can be expensive.

    Arrears management fee
    Where we have to write to you, we will charge you a management fee
    Solicitor's repossession instructions
    If we instruct solicitors to collect arrears or seek possession of your property
    Repossession fee
    If we take the mortgaged property into possession

    As well as the above fees, you would also have to pay any costs we pay to third parties who we may ask to recover any money you owe us, or to create or protect our security, or to carry out legal work for us.

    For example:

    • Each visit by an External Field Agent.
    • Solicitor's charges.
    • Possession management fees.

    We will write to tell you before we ask a third party to act for us.

    Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.



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