• Text Message Alerts

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  • Limit Alerts

    We'll send you a text when you're getting near to or over your account limit so you can avoid any Unplanned Overdraft charges. If your account goes over its limit, you have until 3.30pm (UK time) that day to pay in enough money to cover all your payments or arrange a planned overdraft and you won't incur a penny in unplanned overdraft fees.

    High and Low Balance Alerts

    You can set your own limits. High Balance Alerts will let you know when to move excess money into a savings account. Low Balance Alerts will help make sure you always have enough money in your account for the things you want to do.

    Weekly Balance Alerts

    Receive a weekly text with your balance and the last six transactions of the week, on a week day and time you choose.

    Overseas Transaction Alerts

    We'll send you a text when your debit card is used abroad to get cash or to make a purchase (including payments on websites, by phone or mail order from companies overseas). We'll tell you which country the transaction was made in and whether it was a withdrawal from a cash machine or a purchase (at a shop or restaurant for example). Then, if you believe someone else made the transaction without your knowledge, you can call us.

    Under 16?

    If you are aged between 11-15 with an Under 19s Account you can apply for our Weekly Balance Alerts and Overseas Transaction Alerts. Just visit your nearest branch with a parent/guardian to register.

    Text alerts are sent before 10am Monday - Friday excluding Bank Holidays.


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    Text Alert terms and conditions (PDF, 578KB).



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