• Lending rates

    Current rates

  • Business overdrafts

    % per annum*
    Rate A 10.31%
    Rate B 9.11%                                                   
    Rate C 8.03%                  
    Rate D 7.31%                                                   
    Unauthorised borrowing 26.40%                  

    These interest rates are correct as at 5th August 2016

    *Annual Rate ignores interest compounding.

    Interest rates may vary from time to time in line with the Bank of England Bank Rate.

    The unauthorised borrowing interest rate is not linked to the Bank of England Bank Rate and can be changed by the bank at any time in accordance with the terms and conditions of the account.

  • Previous rates

    Business overdrafts rates prior to 5th August 2016

    % per annum*
    Rate A 10.56%
    Rate B 9.36%
    Rate C 8.28%                  
    Rate D 7.56%                  
    Unauthorised borrowing 26.40%                                                   



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