• Islamic Business Account charges

    How we charge for our services

    We have two special offers for our new customers.


    • 18 months free day-to-day banking for new businesses
    • 6 months free day-to-day banking for business owners who move their existing business account to us from another bank


    The free offer applies to all the charges listed in the day-to-day banking transactions sections of our Electronic Business Tariff .


  • The Islamic Business Account

    All deposits into your Islamic Business Account are maintained in a Sharia approved way. We don't earn any interest on your credit balances. The money you keep with us isn't used for any interest-based or non-Sharia approved business activities. And there are no extra charges just because we look after your money in accordance with Sharia.

    All we ask is that you keep a minimum balance of £1 in your account each month. If your account balance falls below £1 at anytime then you'll pay our standard 'Business Extra Tariff' on all transactions you make during that charging cycle.

    We don't offer an overdraft on this account so if you inadvertently carry out a transaction that would take your account below £0, we will return any items we can, for example cheques, to prevent this from happening. However it is not possible to return some items. Many electronic payments are sent and received instantly and cannot be recalled.

    If your account balance does fall below £0, an unauthorised borrowing fee will be charged. We also charge a fee for any items we return to help prevent your account balance from falling below £0, although please be assured we will never charge interest on top of this fee.

    We calculate the charges monthly, from the 10th of one month to the 9th of the next. And the first regular statement you receive following each charging period will show any account transaction charges. Your account will be charged 18 days (or the next working day) after the date of the statement. If there are any charges to pay but you're not due a regular statement, we will send you an extra one, free of charge.



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