• Fixed Fee Account Plan

    Paying for your business banking needn't be complicated. That's why our Fixed Fee Account Plans give you greater control over the charges you pay.

    Choose the Fixed Fee Account that best suits your business to get more certainty around your monthly charges. And if your business has busier or quieter months, you can change your Fixed Fee Account plan as often as you like to match.

    If you are a new TSB Business customer, you will receive a period of free day to day business banking:

    Our Fixed Fee Account calculator is currently being built. Once it is ready, it will help you determine which of our five Fixed Fee Account tariffs is most suitable for you, based on the typical levels of monthly activity on your account. You'll simply need to input the number of transactions, cash and cheques paid in that go through your account each month.

  • Our Fixed Fee Account plans

    Our Fixed Fee Account plans give you a maximum number of transactions each month for a fixed fee. This makes it easier for you to budget for your day-to-day banking - putting you in control of your account charges.

    The information below shows what each plan costs and how many transactions each includes, plus further information on what happens should you go over your limit.

    Fixed Fee Account plan Monthly Fee Maximum Transactions
    A £5 5
    B £10 20
    C £15 35
    D £25 70
    E £40 125
  • Fixed Fee Account Tariffs

    Fixed Fee Account plan Monthly Fee Maximum Transactions per month Maximum cash limit per month Maximum cheques paid in limit per month Additional transaction charges
    A £5 5 £50 5 0.65% additional cash
    65p per transaction or cheque paid in
  • What’s included in your Fixed Fee Account plan?

    The transactions included in your Fixed Fee Account plan are detailed below:

    Account payments Counts as
    UK Sterling Direct Debit 1 Transaction
    Standing order 1 Transaction
    Business Debit Card transaction (excludes ATM) 1 Transaction
    Cash withdrawal from another bank's ATM 1 Transaction
    Internet Banking and Telephone Banking payment 1 Transaction
    Cheque paid out (including any cash withdrawal) 1 Transaction
    Faster Payment debit 1 Transaction
    Other debit 1 Transaction
    Account receipts Counts as
    Automated credit (including Telephone and Internet banking) 1 Transaction
    Faster Payment credit 1 Transaction
    Credit paid in 1 Transaction
    Other credit 1 Transaction
    Other Counts as
    Cash exchanged 1 Transaction
    Unlimited free transactions Counts as
    Credit paid in via night safe 1 Transaction
    Transfer to another TSB Business Account in your name with a sort code starting with a 30, 77 or 87 Unlimited
    Transfer from another TSB Business Account in your name with a sort code starting with a 30, 77 or 87 Unlimited
    Cash withdrawals from a TSB cash machine Unlimited

    * Free business banking includes cheques, standing orders, cash, UK Sterling Direct Debits, deposits and withdrawals. All we ask is that you operate your account in credit or within agreed limits.For SEPA Debtor Direct Debits please see the International Services Tariff Brochure



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