• Business Lending rates

    Business loans

    Representative example 

    Business loans of £8,000 over 36 months 11.1% APRrepresentative  

    Monthly repayment                 £259.92

    Total repayable                      £9,357.31

    Annual interest rate (fixed)       8.99%

    Representative of an unsecured fixed rate loan up to £25,000. In this example the loan amount is £8,000 and the arrangement fee of £175 is added to the loan to make total borrowing amount £8,175. 

    Business Loan Arrangement Fees

     Amount of borrowing  

      Arrangement Fee 
    Up to £5,000 £100
    £5,001-£10,000 £175
    £10,001-£15,000 £250
    £15,001 & over 1.5% (min £250) 

    Please note: Borrowing is subject to status and lending criteria. The loan amount and rate we offer may differ as it will depend on our assessment of your circumstances.

    Unsecured loans available from £1,000 to £25,000 over 1 to 10 years (fixed rate loans), £1,000 to £10,000 over 1 to 25 years (base rate loans).

    1APR means Annual Percentage Rate. This figure is based on the interest rate and how you repay the amount borrowed (the term of the loan, timing and repayment amounts). You can use it to compare different loan offers. 

    Rates correct at 2 August 2017

  • Business overdrafts

    Business overdraft of £6,800 over 12 months 10.81% EAR1 representative

    Annual interest rate 10.31%2

    An arrangement fee, depending on the amount of the overdraft, in this example £175, is taken when the overdraft is agreed.

    Please note: Borrowing is subject to status and lending criteria. The overdraft amount and rate we offer may differ as it will depend on our assessment of your circumstances. 

    1 EAR means Equivalent Annual Rate. This is the actual interest rate of an overdraft. It does not take account of any other charges for example unauthorised borrowing fees. For further information please see ‘Your account charges explained’ within Business Accounts

    2Inclusive of Bank of England Bank Rate % 

    Rates correct at 2 August 2017. 

      % per annum*
    Rate A 10.31%
    Rate B 9.11%                                                   
    Rate C 8.03%                  
    Rate D 7.31%                                                   
    Unauthorised borrowing 26.40%                  

    These interest rates are effective from 5 August 2016.

    *Annual Rate ignores interest compounding.

    Interest rates may vary from time to time in line with the Bank of England Bank Rate.

    The unauthorised borrowing interest rate is not linked to the Bank of England Bank Rate and can be changed by the bank at any time in accordance with the terms and conditions of the account.

    Overdraft Arrangement Fees
     Period of facility 

     Facility size

     0-3 Months

     4-6 Months

     7+ Months

    Up to £5,000  












    £15,001 & over                       

    (min £250)

    (min £250) 

    (min £250)

    Business Credit Card

    Representative Annual Percentage Rate (APR) 22.4%

    16.30% p.a. (variable) for Cash Withdrawals and all other Transactions.

    An annual fee of £32 per card will apply.

    Please note: Other fees and charges may be applicable for example late payment fees or for cash withdrawals. For more information please see Business Credit Card

    Before you apply

    To apply for business lending from TSB you will need to confirm:

    • You are a sole trader, partner or director
    • You are aged 18 or over
    • The borrowing is for business use

  • Previous rates

    Business overdrafts rates prior to 5 August 2016

    % per annum*
    Rate A 10.56%
    Rate B 9.36%
    Rate C 8.28%                  
    Rate D 7.56%                  
    Unauthorised borrowing 26.40%                                                   

    *Annual Rate ignores interest compounding.



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